We take pride in the many satisfied customers that have completed our course.  The following is just a small portion of the great testimonials we have received.  Our students love our program and we work hard for each and everyone of them to ensure they become great defensive drivers! A FEW TESTIMONIALS….From Former Vance’s Students/ Parents/ & Driving Instructors:

Jake Burns (Windham) says: Vance’s Driving School classes were both fun and entertaining and yet we still learned a lot more about driving and being safe then my friend who made the mistake of going to “Mullen’s”.  At Vance’s we learned both in the car as well as during the classes and Mr. Vance covers way more then just the basics. He stresses that attitude is extremely important and distractions can lead to serious accidents.  I feel I learned everything I needed to know to stay safe on the roads and be a good defensive driver.  Go to Vance’s cause you’ll regret it if you don’t.

Ella Webber (Windham) says: I would really recommend Vance’s Driving School.  It’s fun and an easy way to learn all the info you need to be a safe driver.

Gavin Raymond says: The classes are short and fun!  You’re not sitting there bored out of your mind, instead your laughing and learning at the same time!  I recommend going to Vance’s and you’ll have fun.

Paisley Iacono (Windham) says: I learned a lot as well as learning it in a fun way. 10 out of 10!!

Tyler Johnson (Windham) says: I think Vance’s is a great driving school because Mr. Vance teaches all the important information and he has the ability to make classes fun and enjoyable too.

Monica Agneta (Windham) says: I was made very comfortable behind the wheel after just my second driving time at Vance’s

Silvi Seneca (Windham) says: The teacher, Rick Vance, is very helpful with teaching students everything a person would need to know.  From my point of view I would say that this is the best driving school in Maine.

Octavian Anghel (Windham) says: Vance’s Driving School was a really great place to learn how to drive.  They make sure you are prepared to drive safe on the road.  Rick’s a great guy and he made me feel comfortable in all my driving skills.  I will recommend Vance’s to everyone who is looking for a place for driver ed.

Brooke Keenan (Windham) says: “Vance’s Driving School is the place to go. Rick is knowledgeable and teaches students everything they need to know about driving and more. The classes are entertaining and go by quick.  Throughout the class it is evident Rick cares about his students and wishes for them to be the best possible drivers and he does everything he can to help. I learned a lot at Vance’s and feel very prepared for driving on my own. I highly recommend Vance’s.”

Ben Trefethen (Windham) says: “Vance’s is definitely the place for driver ed.  Rick is an outstanding man and cares a lot about his students safety in and out of the classroom.  He has changed my perspective on driving and I’m ready for the roads.”

Jacob Halderman (Freeport) says: “I took private lessons with Rick and had a great time doing it. He is a really fun and easy going guy and he taught me right up to when I went for my road test.  I was very confident and I passed.  I highly recommend his business.”

Jocelyn Ulmer (Windham) says: “Vance’s is a great school and you’ll learn a lot!”

Brian Curtis (Gray) says: I took a one hour road test review lesson with Rick Vance.  I never would have passed the exam without his help.  Vance’s parallel parking method was so easy compared to what we were shown at The Driving School.  Also Vance’s teaches you how to do straight line backing with a much easier procedure.  Vance’s Driving School was recommended by a friend of my mom when she heard I was taking my road test.  Her two kids both used Vance’s and passed on the first try and I did too.  They made me relax and gave me the confidence so I could pass.  Thanks Rick.

Anthony G (Windham) says: Classes were so much fun and it was easy.  I’m glad I went to Vance’s.  Definitely choose Vance’s Driving School.  It was a great class.

Courtney Merrill (Windham) says: “I honestly think Vance’s prepares you for any situation you might not be able to solve on your own when driving.  We were taught to be aware of everything going on all around us when driving and that you are responsible for everything that happens so you need to be careful with your decisions that you make while driving.  Your license is a privilege and not a right.  Drive correctly and you get to keep it.  Vance’s taught me everything that I needed to know.”

Tyler (from Raymond) says:  Don’t waste your time with The Driving School.  I completed their course and learned nothing.  Classes were so boring I actually fell asleep.  My parents were scared to drive with me so they called Vance’s and paid for me to have private lessons.  I was amazed at the difference.  I took a few private lessons with Vance’s and learned so much that I now feel safe driving.

Jennifer (Windham) says: “It is very easy to see that Mr. Vance really cares about the students. We were all treated with respect and he made us feel confident. This experience was one that I would have to say went above my expectations after listening to all my friends tell me how much they hated driver ed and how boring it was. Vance’s wasn’t like that at all and I am happy to say I feel like I can drive now. I was extremely nervous because I had never even started a car before going to Vance’s. Now it doesn’t even bother me to go up onto the highway. I want to thank Mr. Vance for all his help and I was more than willing to write a testimonial for his school.

Marylou (parent) says:  My son was very disappointed by Mullen’s Driving School three different times.  Every time his class was supposed to begin, it was cancelled and once they didn’t even let us know.  We showed up and were told he was the only student who signed up so they we going to cancel.  They didn’t even have the courtesy to call and let us know.

Mrs. Roberts (Windham) says: “After an extremely horrible experience with another driving school we decided to try Vance’s. I was amazed at the difference from the first day on. Vance’s Driving School provided constant feedback and kept us informed. When I would ask my son what they did after each class I was impressed to find out just how much they covered at Vance’s. What a difference. It’s clear Vance’s is far superior and it’s easy to see that they really do care about the students. I would highly recommend Vance’s Driving School.”

Mrs. Dunton (Portland) says: “All three of my kids went to Vance’s and I am very pleased with the way they all drive. After my first son completed drivers education at Vance’s and I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Vance I knew we had made the right choice. As a parent I know it’s a difficult choice to even let your children take drivers education. Vance’s Driving School is the place to send your kids. They really do care and I can’t say enough about all the effort put into this program. My kids all loved it and said it was fun and I know how much driving instruction they all got in. My oldest two both passed the road test on their first try and I am sure Samantha will as well when she goes for her test. I highly recommend Vance’s to everyone.”

Kelly (From Westbrook) says:  I took driver ed at Mullen’s in Westbrook and I was not able to pass my road test.  In just one lesson with Vance’s I learned so much more.  Vance’s made parallel parking so easy and taught me the way to do the straight line backing.  I passed the driver test the first time after lessons with Vance’s.  The difference between both schools is huge.  Go to Vance’s.

Tammy W (Westbrook) says: “My daughter is a special needs child and I want everyone to know just how pleased we were with Mr. Vance and all the help he provided for our family. I didn’t think we would ever get through this process, but Rick was willing to put in many extra hours and even though the first couple of road test attempts were not successful, Maria now has her drivers license thanks to Rick and all his effort. Rick worked very hard to get her to relax and have confidence in her driving ability. Vance’s Driving School does go above and beyond and I was more than satisfied with the whole driving school experience.”

Lyndsey Estes (Gorham) says:  I thought the driver ed program at Vance’s was perfect.  You made it a lot of fun and the program is already amazing so I don’t know how you could improve it.

Brooke Hall (Gorham) says:  Rick you made this class really fun and enjoyable.  I don’t have any complaints.  I feel like I learned a lot more than I was expecting too and overall I really enjoyed this class!  I’m glad I didn’t choose Mullen’s.

James Stewart (Windham) says:“Rick makes everything fun. It’s so much better here at Vance’s so you should take drivers ed from Rick.  Vance’s is awesome and you learn so much about driving safe.”

Sam Langevin (Gorham) says:  I didn’t think I would like going to 3 hour class sessions and I thought it would be boring but it ended up being really fun and the time passed much quicker than I thought and it was easy to pay attention and learn things.  I recommend Vance’s to everyone.

Monica Reno (Portland) says:  “I liked everything.  Especially how relaxed everything was when we were driving.  It was completely awesome.  I really did enjoy driver ed (something I didn’t expect)  Thank you so much!”

From a driving instructor (who has worked for many different driving schools) says:I can say that Vance’s Driving School students were much better prepared and trained than students who either learned on their own or obtained a learners permit by attending another driving school. Whenever I got in the car with a Vance’s student I could easily see the difference in the student’s driving skills and ability. The students were definitely trained to drive, had the basic skills down and they knew the rules of the road. Vance’s was the only school I worked for that required instructors to actually mark down and record what happens in each lesson on the road. I found the student progress reports to be a huge help for me personally, but also for the parents and each student as well. It gave us a very accurate way to evaluate and review each driving lesson. Mr. Vance has a very well thought out driving program that helps each student develop certain skills before they move on to the more difficult aspects of driving. No other driving school that I have worked for has a program that has been this well thought out with the students best interest in mind above anything else. Vance’s Driving School was also the only school that actually had a classroom curriculum to guide instructors when we teach in the classroom. I chose to send my kids to Vance’s for their driver education and I was not disappointed.”

Abdi Yousaf (Portland) says:  “I really liked this class.  Rick is hilarious! Also the driving isn’t as intimidating as people might think.  Rick really knows how to teach.”

Andrea Chim (Portland) says:  “Surprisingly I REALLY REALLY enjoyed every moment spent in driver ed.”

Colin S (from Scarborough) says: “The program at Vance’s is both helpful and informative. Rick’s classes and lessons clearly teach not only the rules of the road and the skills needed to drive, but also how to be aware of everything when driving. Students in this class learn about and attain a good attitude towards driving safely. Ultimately, Vance’s teaches students to be good defensive drivers.”

Randy Shaw (Portland) says: “This class has helped me realize the dangers of driving on the road. Rick is a good teacher and stressed the importance of wearing safety belts and having a good attitude towards driving. We learned what it requires to be a good defensive driver and how to be aware of others using the road. Rick taught me that driving can be fun, but we can’t fool around when driving and we need to take it seriously so no-one gets hurt.”

Samantha Robertson (Scarborough) says: “We all enjoyed the driver education classes at Vance’s. This class taught us so much about driving defensively and being aware of traffic situations. I was nervous when I started out driving, but the instructors helped me to relax and realize that I could do it. I soon was very comfortable behind the wheel and it was fun.”

Portland High parent posted on Vance’s Driving School’s Wall.
“The best driving school ever! I’ve heard stories from other parents about other places and all I can say is I have NOTHING bad and EVERYTHING wonderful to say about Rick Vance!”

Maria Thamert (Portland) says:  “You made the learning fun and entertaining because it wasn’t all just text books.  The games were good for learning and reviewing material .”

Samantha Gee (Portland) says:  I enjoyed everything about the program, especially the many games we got to play!  You made the learning how to drive fun and it wasn’t boring in class at all.  Everyone liked the program!”

Harley S (Portland) says:  “I passed my road test on my first try. Thanks to Vance’s Driving School; anyone who wants a great experience for drivers ed school should choose Vance’s. They are the best around.”

Mitch Hall (Windham) says: “Vance’s Driving School is way better. My friends who went to —– all said they hated it and who wants to do homework? Everyone who goes to Vance’s loves it. Driving in the new Camaro was so cool. Vance’s is definitely better!”

Alison Freeman (Gray) says:  “Vance’s Driving School was fun and the instructors try to help you to not be nervous. This is a place to go for drivers ed. Thanks Rick!”

Damian Cummings (Windham) says: “Everyone should go here for drivers ed. Vance’s is the best!”

Ariel O’Neal (Windham) says: “Vance’s is awesome and Rick is a great teacher. Go here!”

Danny Stewart (Windham) says: “Drivers ed was so much fun at Vance’s. No homework and great cars too. Choose Vance’s Driving School.”

Alex Trepanier (Windham) says: “Vance’s Driving School is a great place for drivers ed, not only have I learned a lot and had fun doing it, but for the best price around I got to drive a nice new Camaro. I couldn’t have asked for more. Thanks Vance for a great driving experience! Vance’s is the best!”

Katie M (Saco) says: “I was able to pass my road test on the first try thanks to the lessons and help from Mr. Vance. Parallel parking was my biggest concern and fear until Mr. Vance taught me the easy steps for parallel parking and I was able to do it right the first time. I highly recommend Vance’s Driving School as it was fun and we learns tons of stuff that will help you feel comfortable when you drive.”

Emily Dragos (Falmouth) says: “Vance’s Driving School is a good place to go and learn. I liked that it is close to McAuley so we could just walk to classes after school. Rick kept the classes fun and interesting and we got to drive everywhere. I would say that Vance’s is the best driving school around!”

Nick P (Falmouth) says: “Jaimie is an awesome guy and a great teacher. I would recommend this driving school class to anyone. We had fun and it wasn’t boring plus you get to drive and learn in awesome cars! I loved the Camaro and the Ultima too.”

Adnan M (from Saco) says: “Rick is a fantastic teacher. I came to driver ed believing that I would never be able to drive. The task seemed to be too daunting while watching my parents drive and me having absolutely no prior experience. Since I entered the class, Rick has gone at a very steady pace and my confidence in my driving ability has constantly grown as we moved along. Rick’s experiences of his driving have taught me so much about being careful. Rick has taught us that driving can be dangerous and that you need to be a safe and responsible driver to share the road with others.”

Amber P (Portland) says: “I had failed my test twice and then I called Vance’s for a review lesson. Mr. Vance made me feel so confident that I was going to pass the test that I wasn’t even nervous. Everyone should call Vance’s and get the road test review because parallel parking their way is so easy and they cover everything so you know you can pass the test.”

Will B (from Westbrook) says: “I know I went to the right school and Vance’s helped me pass my test without any problems. The examiner told me I was one of the best drivers he has ever had and I owe it all to Vance’s. They are the best!”

Mike S (Falmouth) says: “The classes went by fast and we had fun and learned a lot at the same time. Vance’s is the best and I will tell everyone to go here.”

Payson Robinson (Portland) says:  “I loved the course…loved the review games…loved driving the Camaro… Great class.”

David Whitney says:  ” No need for improvement.  The class was comfortable and funny.  I learned quite a bit.  You are a great teacher.”

Owner Rick Vance – “YOU CAN TRUST VANCE’S DRIVING SCHOOL TO DELIVER.” The Ultimate Driver’s Ed Program has been designed by us to successfully teach students safe driving habits, great visual skills, great attitudes towards responsible driving and skills and techniques that will last forever. Vance will do it different then anyone else. We promise to put fourth extreme effort to ensure that each student will become the best possible defensive driver and each will develop an attitude towards safe driving and avoiding distractions which I firmly believe is the cause of most new driver accidents.” We really do treat each student as though they were my own child.  I never want to see one of my students get hurt and thus I work hard to get my message across to each student.  They will acquire a great attitude and great defensive driving skills by the time we are done.  We develop a friendship that will last way beyond the last day of driver ed class.  We truly do offer a lifetime of safe driving skills and habits at Vance’s.  WE TEACH MORE.”  ALSO PLEASE DO NOTE: THERE IS NOT EVEN ONE POSITIVE TESTIMONIAL ON MULLEN’S DRIVING SCHOOL’S WEBSITE- 30 YEARS AND HE CAN’T GET ONE POSITIVE TESTIMONIAL- THAT SAYS IT ALL. _____________________________________________________



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