A must watch for all parents and students.  To complete our parent involvement activity students and parents must  watch the powerful highly educational video about texting during driving shown below.  Invest eight minutes for your family PLEASE.  Hopefully both parents and students will realize how dangerous it is…even to just send a quick little text message. I can’t imagine how…a parent would feel…if…how a student would feel …if…  It was your message your family member was trying to read or respond to ….I don’t even want to say it.


WE REALLY DO CARE!!!!!!!!  PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO BY TYPING IN “THE LAST TEXT” by AT &T.  After watching the video please write out your thought on the back of our parent involvement sheet.  One to three paragraphs please.

 What happens now that the student has passed their permit test :

Vance’s will continue to schedule driving hours as needed for each student.  I will contact each student as time becomes available.

Once a student finishes our course (30 hours of class time; parent involvement sheet completed; and all their driving hours done), they are given their course completion sheet which serves two purposes.

(1.)  It must be saved as it proves they completed driver education and is good for an insurance discount and….

(2.) It is their temporary permit which is valid for 60 days.  Read all the instructions on the back side for information about sending in for their actual permit which is valid for two years.


No insurance is needed until the student passes their road test.  Once they have their driver’s license they are no longer legal to drive until you add them to an insurance policy as they will no longer have a permit, but a valid license instead.  Coverage is automatic with their permit and you will not need to add them onto your insurance policy yet.


To be able to go for their road test all students under 20 years old must accomplish three things:

  1. Be 16 years or older.
  2. Have kept their learners permit for a minimum of 6 months.
  3. Completed 70 hours of driving time and recorded the time on their log sheet.

When parents feel the student is ready to take their license test; mail in the log book only. Do not send in the permit with the log book. The state will send them an appointment notice in the mail with a test date.

Vance’s does offer road test prep lessons which we highly recommend.  During the prep lesson the student will learn the typical road test route and we will cover everything the examiners are looking for including parallel parking, lane changes, straight line backing, intersections and proper turns and we help the student to  relax and have confidence in their ability to pass the test.  We have helped over 5000 students pass their test.  These road test prep lessons really do help.

We hope you are able to provide lots of consistent driving time for your son/daughter.  We have covered everything with them.  Now they just need more experience.  Call us if you have any questions or concerns and we wish you the best of luck!   Rick Vance- 233-2994